Cletech Chemicals is a newly founded medium sized division under the Cletech Holdings that now offers a vast range of chemical raw materials into the South African and the Sub Saharan markets. Our association with a large global chemical trading house company allows us to efficiently  source, supply and meet all our customer’s needs with high quality products at very competitive prices.

Our vision is to provide a synergistic solution approach to our clients thereby creating mutual value and benefits.


Our Chemical product range extends to:

MINING : Activated carbon ,caustic soda flakes , sodium meta-bisulphite , soda ash (light & dense ) , hydrogen peroxide , barium sulphate , calcium chloride , hydrated lime, magnesium oxide, nitric acid , sodium cyanide, sodium silicate

WATER : Activated carbon, aluminium chloride, aluminium sulphate, benzalkonium chloride , borax anhydrous , caustic soda ,calcium nitrate ,hydrated lime ,poly aluminium chloride , potassium permanganate, flocculants & coagulants

FOOD & BEVERAGE : Ammonium bicarbonate , citric acid ,carboxyl methyl cellulose , castor oil, dextrose , liquid glucose, malic acid, dextrin, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate, sodium bicarbonate, starch

SUGAR INDUSTRY : Mill sanitation biocides , Flocculants ,Color Precipitant , Evaporator Antiscalants , Viscosity Reducer

DETERGENTS & HOMECARE : Caustic soda, ethylene di amine tetra acetic acid (EDTA), liner alkyl benzene sulphonic acid, phosphoric acid ,potassium hydroxide, soda ash, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, sodium sulphate

PAINTS & COATINGS : Acetates , benzyl alcohol, calcium carbonate, castor oil, kaolin, methyl ethyl ketone, monomers, nonylphenol ethylate – NP9 , resins, solvents ,titanium dioxide ,talc

RUBBER : Accelerators , acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, antioxidants, carbon black, chloroprene rubber, gum rosin, natural rubber, polybutadiene rubber, speciality rubber, titanium dioxide, trichloroethelyne, zinc oxide

TEXTILE & LEATHER : Acetic acid ,acrylates, benzylkonium chloride, coumarone resins, ethyl acetate, formic acid, fumaric acid,hydrogen peroxide, oxalix acid, polyethylene glycols, sodium hydrosulphite, stearic acid

POLYURETHANES : Diphenyl methane di isocynate (mdi) , methylene chloride, polyether polyols,s ilicon surfactants, special additives ,toluene di isocyanate, toluene phospahate, triethylene di amine

AGRO & FEED : Ammonium sulphate, calcium nitrate ,caustic soda, magnesium sulphate, nitric acid, NPK, phosphoric acid , potassium hydroxide, sodium nitrates ,urea

COSMETICS & PERSONAL CARE : Benzyl alcohol, borax anhydrous, cocomide, coconut fatty acid, diethanol amine, glyserin, oleic acid, palm wax ,petroleum jelly , sodium lauryl ether sulphate, stearic acid, white mineral oil

PULP & PAPER : Defoamers, softners, sizing agents, release agents , dry strength resins, wet strength resins ,deposit control agents , bio dispersants, microbiocides , antiscalants, deinking additives, coating chemicals & colourants