Interview Tips

Nailing that Interview

If you have never spent a sleepless night thinking over all the potential ways you could mess up your next job interview, this article probably isn’t for you. Instead this article is for the almost 92% of job seeking adults around the world who fear some aspect of the interview process. It need not be so terrifying as an interview is the time for the candidate to take the recruitment process from a paper process to a personal performance. An interview is your opportunity to cement your candidacy for the position. We will lay out some helpful hints to making that interview something you look forward to.

Know your CV

As you prepare for your interview, remember the interviewee’s you will meet have taken time from their day to meet with you for a reason. The qualifications and work experience on your CV has provided the company with reason enough to invite you for the interview. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is mention or correct the information on your CV during the interview. Make sure the company has received your most recent CV, up-to-date regarding all your work experience and qualifications.

Do your Homework

Preparation is vital to any endeavour in the job market. Answering the interview questions referencing key aspects of the company’s context and operation will not only further highlight your individual competency but enhance the perspective that you will be a great fit. Understanding the company’s values, history and operation will also help you assess your potential job satisfaction.

Dress to Impress, Yourself

The question is always asked, how formal is too formal. The question you should rather ask, “How would I dress if I was conducting the interview?”. The interview will always seem daunting, feeling under-dressed will further impress on your mind that those interviewing you are superior to you. Being well groomed and dressed to a high level of professionalism will provide you with the confidence you need. Dress to empower your professional self.

Answer the Question Asked

The usual tendency when asked a question, especially a technical one is to say as much as you can, to sound knowledgeable. I would highly stress that this mistake should be avoided at all costs. Much like all things in business, concise and efficient impresses management. Say what you need to, in order to completely answer the question without waffling. If the room remains silent after your response, be confident you have said enough and allow the panel to make the next move. Very often the need to fill the silence, will lead to sharing more information than you expected, and you could disqualify yourself or bore your panel.

“Tell us about yourself”

Company’s can often be unsure about their opinion regarding a candidate, simply because the candidate was not fully present in the interview. The most common occurrence of this, is when a you are asked “Tell us about yourself” and rather than providing insight into who you are, your hobbies and personal interests the panel is recited an abbreviation of the CV in front of them. The interview process is far easier when the panel is interviewing a living person rather than a recorded answering machine. The company will be hiring the person behind the CV, let them meet that person.

Always remember you are not a victim in your interview, you are a potential future employee.


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