Helping an “Experience-less” CV

Recruitment involves not only screening and locating candidates for a particular position, it also involves investing into these individuals to ensure both parties are set up to succeed in the future employment venture. One difficulty that many young candidates have is the lack of work experience. We hope to give you some tips to beef up your CV, even if you lack years of experience.

Don’t short out on your education

Many CV’s are full of unnecessary information. It may not always be helpful to include the occasional knitting project you undertake while only having brief mention of your academic career. Where possible include academic achievements and any extra-curricular activities or courses you may have completed in your studies. Show the employer that your mind is not simply one dimensional.

Focus on information relevant to the job description

Sometimes less is more. When one looks through a CV with a purpose to find an appropriate candidate. A general manager may not need a short course in deep sea diving, but mentioning the leadership society you participate in may serve you in good stead. Look for attributes and significate encounters that you possess that best display your competency for the job at hand.

Never lie on your CV

This may seem obvious to many readers, but it is worth mentioning. Having confidence in your abilities is a good mental state to have, over-compensation or flat out dishonesty about your experience and competency will always be discovered through the screening process. Be honest with yourself and your future employer as to how best you can serve the company. If you don’t possess a particular skill but display a willingness to advance in your competency you set yourself in a more strategic position.

You won’t be CEO in a day

Young zeal and ambition is a great attitude to have in the corporate environment. However many graduates hope to by-pass the learning stages of their careers. Sometimes you may have to sit down for some humble pie and apply for a more junior position than you had expected.  Time does bring wisdom and if you don’t have any work experience, any work experience is worth your time and energy.

Your CV should never be seen as a document you create once and update when needed. View this as an opportunity to communicate why you are specifically the right person for that specific position. Refine and improve your CV as you progressively refine and improve yourself. If you find you have no need to add on to your CV after a year or two, it may be that you haven’t improved yourself.

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