Our Values

“I will sing to you, Lord!
I will celebrate your kindness and your justice
Please help me learn to do the right thing
and I will be honest and fair
in my own kingdom.
I refuse to be corrupt
or take part in anything crooked,
and I won’t be dishonest or deceitful.
Anyone who spreads gossip will be silenced,
and no one who is conceited will be my friend.
I will find trustworthy people
to serve as my advisers
and only honest person
will serve as on official
No one who cheats or lies
will have a position in my royal court”

PSALM 101:1-7

We are specialists in the Mining, Engineering Sector.

Cletech Holdings is a 51% Black Owned, level 2 BBBEE Group of Companies.
Our directors have combined expertise of over 50 years within the Mining, Chemicals, Materials Handling and Recruitment sectors

Board of Directors:  Nadine Clevely, Gala Munsamy, Allister Kemlo

Subsidiary Companies


For the past 15 years Cletech Recruitment has supplied skilled manpower globally, including project sites in Africa, Europe, Australia and Russia. This has allowed us to offer more diversity including HR solutions, contractors, Executive Search and payroll solutions.
Our professional team are at your service.



Cletech Chemicals is medium sized company under the Cletech brand ,offering a wide range of chemical raw materials into the South African and Sub Saharan markets. We have access to global supplier agreements, allowing us to efficiently source and supply all our customer needs with high quality products on time and within budget.




Cletech Cares is a non-profit, social-economic development organization. It functions as the CSR arm of Cletech Holdings as well as servicing the CSR needs of partnering clients. Cletech Cares operates on the three pillars of social-economic development, namely food security, education and employment opportunity. Through this approach we achieve a sustainable impact into the development of South Africa’s economic improvement.



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